Escape in Hiden Paradise Telogo Ranjeng

I want to write about some story when I was in a due in Tegal and Slawi as a journalist. Its about a journey when I visit the borderline of Kabupaten Tegal and Kabupaten Brebes. There are several place that I never forget, such as Telogo Ranjeng. 
I have a due in Tegal about 6 month, before my office taking me back to handle Kota Semarang (again) in 2017. 
Telogo Ranjeng is only about a 120- minute from Kota Tegal by motorcycle. However, Telogo Ranjeng offers a totally secret place, making traveler escape for backpackers. 
Dok Pribadi/ Curug Cantel

The peaceful journey
I spent my day off exploring the border line of Kabupaten Tegal and Kabupaten Brebes, which is usually people never heard before, actually people familiar with Pantai Pulau Kodok, Pantai Alam Indah, Guci, Cacaban Lake for destination in Kota Tegal and Kabupaten Tegal. How about Sigedong, Sirampog, Sigeong, Paguyungan?
In my day off on that day on Sunday, I woke up early at 5 a.m. I was greated by a message from a friend, he will pick me up at 7 a.m. I was staying in Kota Tegal in that time. 
Dok Pribadi/ para petani di Kabupaten Brebes

I quickly got my self ready and go to Kabupaten Tegal with my friend. He suggested we make a stop to Curug Cantel for waiting some friends and take a look beautiful Curug.
We hello-ed by clear air, fresh wind, and sound of birds. 
About 45 minute by motor cycle from Kota Tegal we arrived in Curug Cantel.
The atmosphere was so laid-back, very peaceful and it was relaxing. 
After waiting for 2 friends finally we were continuing  a journey to Danau Ranjeng. (The fact we visit Puncak Sakub before Telogo Ranjeng. Curug Cantel  Puncak Sakub  telogo Ranjeng).
*Puncak Sakub will special edition for this time, not in this frame*
Away from a crowd
I saw people in a field. 
They smiled for us when we cross the road. 
Monggo Mbak, 
The first facing people from Kabupaten Brebes, Paguyungan so friendly. 
Almost people in this place are farmer: potato, onion, cabbage. 
We spent almot 60 minute by motor cycle. The journey half smoth half hard, there is no asphalt road. I saw many trees and a farmer in their field.
Finally we arrived in Telogo Ranjeng 
Dok Pribadi/ seorang Ibu dan anaknya yang kami papasi

Mystical story in Telogo Ranjeng 
There is a shallow lake near Telogo Ranjeng. 
Niko tahun 2014, di sini ikan lele pada  mati, tidak tahu kenapa, terus tiba-tiba bebera tahun setelahnya ada ikan emas. Mereka tidak mati meski dangkal, ini paling dalamnya Cuma 30 cm, gak tahu bagaimana kok bisa, tapi kalau ada orang yang mau niat jahat, misal ingin mengambil ikan, pasti kena sial, explain a local person to me.
In that shallow lake we can see many fish. We called it Ikan Emas. I spent around 30 minutes feeding the fish and enjoying the beautiful nature. 
It was so peaceful and I feel like in a hiden paradice. Even there is mystical story about the fish, in Sunday usually this place will crowd by local people. 
Dok Pribadi/ cekungan dangkal dekat Telaga Ranjeng memiliki keunikan, banyak ikan emas hidup di sini 

It was the first time I visit this place with some friend from PMI Kabupaten Tegal. 
If you will come to this place, its not recomen if you will go by car, because the road was not really friendly to car. 
I headed my feet down and walk sometime when we met a bad road. I felt so happy to be able to escape in hiden paradise. 

PS thanks to: Big family of PMI Kabupaten Tegal , cause they always welcoming me very warm. 


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